Gail Martin Gallery -
Ancient, antique and ethnographic textiles; modern and contemporary fiber arts. 




Thomas Cole Antique Rugs and Textiles -
Antique tribal and central Asian rugs, embroideries and other textile art. over spiegeling symmetrie en techniek
about mirroring  rotating of images on rugs and other techniques, from a colleague collector



TurkoTek -
A noncommercial site for collectors of textiles, especially tribal weavings from central and western Asia. Active moderated discussion boards.

©  Madrason Tekke Torba



The Nomads Tent -
Edinburghdealer site, with brief articles and book reviews.




Marla Mallett Textiles and Antique Oriental Tribal Rugs -
Lots of information on textile structure by a leading authority, with an ongoing on-line revision of her book. Includes rugs and textiles offered for sale.





Afghan War Rugs -
Collector's site about a type of rug produced in Afghanistanfollowing the Russian Invasion in 1979.




Stuttgarter Kunstauktionshaus Dr.Fritz Nagel -
Nagels holds several rug sales each year, with illustrated catalogues.




Oriental Rug Repair Co. -
Repair, cleaning and appraisal of Navajo and Oriental rugs.




Walter Schwitter -
Johannesburgbased dealer in antique and semi-antique oriental carpets.




Herat Ltd. -
Old tribal weavings, with a nice introduction to the subject for beginners.

Thomas Cole Antique Rugs and Textiles - Cached - Similar

Offering collectible antique tribal rugs, bagfaces, and weavings in addition to
Central Asian embroidery , specialist in Turkmen rugs.




Samarkand Galleries -
Informative commercial site run by British author/lecturer Brian MacDonald.




The Tribal Eye -
Peter Davies' site on tribal textiles.

soumak panel shahashavan mafrash bag for storage




Ron B. Saillian Oriental Rugs and Carpets -
Specialist dealer in Persian and Central Asian collectable rugs and trappings.




Brooke Pickering Moroccan Rugs -
Informative site by dealer specializing in Moroccan tribal rugs, flatweaves and other textiles.




Milton Cater Oriental Carpets -
A commercial site with a philosophical attitude. Includes a selection of worn rugs ("Noble Ruins") and a free online newsletter.





Frauenknecht Antique Rugs -
Content-rich, with excellent exhibitions, run by well known German dealer and author.




Seeing Is Dreaming -
Some nice essays on cultural significance and history of rug weaving, especially in Turkey.




Moroccan Hanbels -
Berber tribal rugs and textiles.




Turkmen Main Carpets -
About a CD-ROM featuring main carpets of the Turkmen.

©  Madrason Kapanuk



Vincent's Cave -
A virtual cave with rugs throughout. In Dutch and English.



Joshua Baer and Company -
Information and sales of Navajo blankets and rugs, Spanish colonial furniture and American Indian art.




Sun Bow Trading Company -
A colorful American dealer in tribal rugs and textiles.




TribalSource -
Antique textiles, by Istanbulgallery owner Seref Ozen.




Reuben Antique Carpets -
Dealer/Author David M. Reuben. Specializing in antique tribal, especially Turkmen, rugs.




Thanakra -
Parisdealer specializing in Moroccan textiles, with nice travel photos and periodic exhibitions.

beloutsj, baluch kelimback ©  Madrason


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Tattersall's -
Restoration and cleaning of tribal rugs. Based in Uppingham, UK.




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de clerq papua artifacts litho uit 1893

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